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OMNIA cirrus sliding series - mid profile collection

OMNIA’s Cirrus collection extends beyond the typical parameters of quality and performance.  

The variability of the OMNIA Cirrus sliding system creates nearly infinite options for functionality and usability.  This insulated aluminum sliding system is designed with esthetic, creativity, and elegance in mind.  Its complimentary sleek mid-sized profile can be ordered as a lift and slide, sliding, vent combination of 45 deg, vent with combination bead, mono railed frame, three railed frame, and fixed frame.  The optional reinforced profile options allow for single, double, and triple rail applications.

Technical properties:
Frame depth: 116.4 — 180.8 mm
Vent depths: 52.1 mm
Profile thickness: 1.6 / 1.8 / 2 mm
Glass thickness, max: 33 mm
Thermal insulation bars: 14.8 mm
Uf: 4.001 W/m2K
Acoustic performance value: 30 db

Omnia Cirrus.png


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