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OMNIA HORIZON - Hidden profile collection

Give enjoyment more space in your life. The OMNIA Horizon style collection opens up a world of creative options, with room concepts integrating the functions of the openings with the architecture, perfectly and unobtrusively. The elegant minimalistic language of form of the interior and exterior elements from the OMNIA Horizon style collection places the focus on what really counts: the lasting values of the exquisite materials and the precision of their workmanship down to the smallest detail. 

The OMNIA Horizon thermally broken aluminum sliding system offers an unlimited spatial experience due to the transition between indoor and outdoor views. With the ability to embed the aluminum frames into the roof, ceiling, and walls all while being seen at a minimum level from the outside.  Only a thin vertical sliding profile remains visible at just 20 mm wide.  The Horizon system allows you to take advantage of the view and light at the maximum level.



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